Marketplace Features

What are LOUD Royalties?

During the NFT creation process, Artists are able to add primary and secondary royalties to their NFT. Royalties enable artists to have access to passive income by future resales of their NFTs.

Primary Royalties

Primary Royalties allow artists to add a % to future NFT sales. If their NFTs resell in the future they can get a % on every sale.

Secondary Royalties

Secondary Royalties have the same concept as primary royalties but allows to add a second wallet to get warranties. This can be used for record label, agent or other third party requiring commissions on sales.

Loud Market offers passive income opportunities

You can view an example NFT on our platform to view how to royalty shows on the platform.
Example NFT

What is NFT minting?

NFT minting is the creation non-fungible tokens. Our platform gives artists access to the platform minting portal.

This is a fairly simple process. All the artist is required to do is upload the album/track image, MP3/WAV file and complete the form and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Single NFTs

Single NFTs are pretty much was it says. The NFT creation for a Singular NFT.

Batch NFTs

Batch NFTs are multiple NFT creation. Our platform has options for both Single and Batch NFT options.

Loud Market provides multiple options for NFT Creation

Artists can make single NFTs (One at a time) or Batch NFTs (unlimited)!
Single NFT Example
Batch NFT Example

Instant Sales

Artists and buyers (if they are reselling) can list their NFTs for buy it now prices which enables a quick and easy sales solution.  The is enabled for Single and Batch NFTs.


Auctions have been activated on the platform for Single NFTs only. This allows bids from buyers and a timed sale.


Offers can be activated on NFTs. If someone wants to buy an NFT but no one is selling and it is activated for offers then users are able to submit offers for the NFTs. If it is accepted then the LOUD tokens are swapped for the NFT via our smart contracts.

Loud market makes selling music NFTs quick and easy.

Customize the framework to match your small business processes using simple drag-and-drop.

Become Featured!

Artists are selected at random on our platform to be featured on the front page. This is free promotion for artists and creates opportunity for increasing their NFT sales.

Social Media Marketing

We promote all our verified artists and LOUD NFTs on our social medias, again offering further artist and track promotion.

Scouting and Collaboration

As Loud Market forms partnerships and connections, it will increase awareness of unfound hidden artists who are extremely talented.

There are also collaboration opportunities with other artists through the private telegram and social groups between artists.

Loud Market gives FREE Marketing and Artists Promotion

Customize the framework to match your small business processes using simple drag-and-drop.
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