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Our platform creates an additional source of income for artists
plus marketing and scouting opportunities. Get into crypto!
Becoming a LOUD verified artist allows you mint music NFTs on our platform and sell them for cryptocurrency. Loud Artists earn crypto from their music! We accept any and all artists.
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    Learn how to become a Loud Artist & Create Music NFTs

    We built our platform
    to give back to musicians

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    Fast Verification Process

    We have a fast and fairly simple verification process. You can be verified within 24hours!

    Loud Easy Mint System

    Our platform allows artists to mint their music with a couple of clicks. Making crypto friendly 🙂

    Single & Multi Mint

    We have multiple smart contracts which allow including single and multi (batch) minting.

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    Royalties (Passive Income)

    Artists can earn crypto via future sales on their NFTs if they apply a royalty percentage.

    11 Innovation
    Fully Automated

    The technology we utilise allows all transactions and minting processes to be automatic, on the blockchain.

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    Scouting and Marketing

    Loud market generates free marketing via displaying your music to wider audiences.

    How are we artist friendly?

    We focus on providing opportunities to artists to enable them to make another income stream and further exposure to the music industry - Prioritising Artists.
    • Low fees (2.5%)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Partnership opportunities
    • Platform Support
    • Free Verification
    • First mint is FREE (on us!)
    Why you should Mint Music NFTs

    What is a music NFT?

    Music NFTs are the next generation of Non-fungible tokens combining an album cover (or image) with the MP3 / WAV file. Music NFTs are able to be created, listed, sold, held and transferred on the Loud Market platform. Example below:
    nft example
    The time has come, Loud Market needs YOU!

    Becoming a Loud Artist is as easy as 1..2..3!

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      Email or Submit Artist Form

      Please complete our form which can be found on the top of our homepage.

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      Complete Loud Verification

      Loud team member will reach out and verify you are who you say you are.

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      The onboarding process!

      The loud team member will assist your profile creation and onboarding.